We provide healthy and freshly made food daily for our children. Our meat and fish is delivered by Gonaslton farm shop and our food is delivered by Ocado. We pride ourselves in having no processed foods. Our in-house cook makes every meal fresh daily and caters for all dietary requirements. We do not provide any food with nuts in. Children are encouraged to feed themselves from a very young age, using knives and forks. Then also progress up to Explorers and Adventurers and Scholars to serve themselves. We maintain a constant 5*.

Our menus are on a 3 weekly cycle ensuring a balanced diet for all children respective of the days they attend.

An example of our daily menus are:


A choice of:


Lamb sausage, sweet potato bake inclusive of seasonal vegetables
Spinach and 3 cheese bake
Homemade fish pie with a vegetable layer and mashed potatoes
Fresh pears and Ice cream
Homemade rice pudding
Homemade scones with jam and butter


Homemade carrot and coriander soup with wholemeal rolls
Homemade cheese scone with homemade coleslaw
Savoury pin wheel with homemade tomato sauce and herby potatoes
Sticky ginger flapjacks
Fresh fruit smoothie
Fresh fruity jelly

We provide healthy snacks for the children every day, 3 times a day. They get a choice of 2 options every day that are rotated on a 3 weekly cycle in line with our menus. Examples of our snacks include fruit, vegetable sticks and cheese cubes. Every child gets a cup of milk in line with the government guidelines and throughout the day they have access to our water coolers that are situated in every area.

We have a large, spacious, exciting outdoor environment with 3 separate areas to promote outdoor learning for all children. Children are encouraged to take risks outdoors on our trim trail, Balance Bridge and climbing frame. The importance of outdoors and being healthy is demonstrated by our staff team to ensure all children understand the importance of this.

The Scholars (3-5’s) have an option to go swimming each week during term time. There is an additional cost for the lessons provided at the local swimming pool and we transport them in our nursery vehicles.

Our Explorers and Adventurers (2-3’s) have ‘Boogie Beats’ every week which is a singing and dancing session with Emma helping there gross motor skills and coordination. There are different topics, for example, Down in the Garden’ which children explore ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story through song and dance, puppets and parachute activities. Children sing familiar songs throughout the sessions and also learn lots of new songs and rhymes which are continued throughout the week in the room.